14/28a-3 (Bass)

Drilled to test the Bass prospect in Upper Jurassic sands. The well encountered a thick Upper Jurassic section including approximately 100ft of massive Ryazanian sands and 300 gross feet of interbedded sands and shales in the Middle Volgian. The well was successfully drilled and abandoned in Q3 2000 using the John Shaw semi-submersible drilling rig.

44/26a-A8 (Schooner)

The Schooner field reservoir consists of Carboniferous, Barren Red of the Ketch Formation and Coal Measures of the Cleaver Formation. A minor proportion occurs in the underlying Coal Measures. The two units are lithologically similar, both represented by fluvial sandstones interbedded with flood plain mudstones.

The well was drilled in Q2 2000 using the Maersk Enhancer jack-up drilling rig.

49/24a-1y (Gawain)

The Gawain field is located on the Inde shelf in the Southern North Sea. Gas is produced from the Leman Sandstone Formation of Early Permian age. The reservoir section is comprised predominantly of stacked aeolian dune sands posessing excellent poroperm characteristics. The structure is a complex northwest to southeast trending horst block with low structureal relief. The well was drilled in Q1 1999 using the Ensco 80 jack-up drilling rig.

1999 to 2000 as Data Engineer / Mudlogger for Baker Hughes Inteq.